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Alysha Harvin

The Big Chop

I remember being 11 years old and absolutely hating the process of getting my hair permed and braided. Like clock work, every two weeks, a new hairdo. One day, I told my mom I wanted to loc my hair.  She told me that once I was grown and out of her house, I could do whatever I wanted with my hair. It felt like she “owned” my hair  until I was no longer living with her. At 17 years old, I graduated high school and went to college. That is where the loc journey began. 

  I believe locs hold energy. When I cut my hair, all I could see was strength, fear, pain, and love all scattered on the floor. As I looked through each loc, I could see my life’s journey. The locs that were thick and healthy reminded me of all the times I had succeeded, which helped me to smile. Then there were locs that were brittle and fragile, holding on for dear life. They represented the low points in my life when things didn’t go as planned and I let stress and fear take over. It’s funny how your hair can tell your life story and the things you’ve gone through. 

On September 18, 2018, I decided to face my biggest fear. I would no longer hide behind my hair and my insecurities. At that moment I no longer cared about what people thought of me. I decided not to worry about the different hair cliches/stereotypes, how big my forehead was, what I would look like, who would be gossiping about me, etc. I didn’t care!  That day, I took control over my life. I know that life keeps on going and you only get one shot so I chose change! In life there are so many things we worry about that don’t matter. In those moments, the only thing we should be focused on is the lesson and opportunity for growth we have. This new Chapter is dedicated to ME, being and becoming the best version of myself.

A wise woman once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”.

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  1. Tina

    This was such a beautiful story. I could envision each loc in its respective manner representing an emotion or stage in your life. It’s so hard to let go, but once the first step is taken a new value presents itself. A new perspective, that helps you appreciate the world around you. I’m happy for you and I wish you more happiness, more strength, more peace, and understanding of self. The universe has plans for you. Just keep swimming!

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