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ITaly Was All A Dream

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It was all a dream… In Milan, Italy

When you find yourself entering your Jesus year (year 33) you’ll reflect on all your accomplishments and future goals. I personally had no expectations for my trip, however, my partner took charge of this trip with surprises coming from my left, right and honestly the sky, lol.

As soon as we arrived I was truly impressed by all the beauty of the architecture. This was a living dream to walk the cobblestone streets of the fashion capital of the world. The city was filled with major fashion companies and celebrities from all over the world participating in Milan’s fashion week. I had the privilege to attend a couple fashion shows, manufacturing companies and showroom for upcoming and established local fashion companies.

Here are a few of my favorite things from the trip:

  1. Milan Cathedral is the church of Milan dedicated to St. Mary of the Nativity 
  2. The Piazza Liberty Apple Store 
  3. The Milano Fashion Tours and Fashion workshops
  4. God Save The Food restaurant 
  5. Santa Maria del Carmine church 15th-century Romanesque church with a baroque interior featuring many paintings, frescos & statues.

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