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MOCC 2017

Masculine of Center Conference

MOCC 2017 Freshman Class

Dear Freshman Class,

Thank you for your courage, sharing your stories and words of wisdom during the inaugural Masculine of Center Conference . Society doesn’t understand the turmoil we deal with everyday to walk in our truths. So to all those who attended and facilitated, I SALUTE YOU. The moments we created were beautiful, informative and “POWERFUL”. From the financial advice given to the SNM simulation, I am truly honored to be apart of history. Every single soul in the conference exemplified a part of me that was longing to intertwine with like minded individuals that actually looked like but embodied different perspectives and visions. Again, Thank You all for a wonderful weekend and I can’t wait to do this again next year.

Love, Ciara J. Henry 

“Wear” Perception meets Reality? 

It was only right that I start this blog entry by thanking everyone who participated in this monumental event. I’d like to personally thank Gin-I and wife Theresa Dickerson for hosting such an amazing event. The ideology behind the conference was pure brilliance. 

During the conference I had the opportunity to facilitate on the title, “Wear” Perception meets Reality, and in this workshop we discussed how society views/judges us based on our clothing, how labels make us conform to what society call social norms and how as a LGBTQ community, we discriminate amongst each other. The platform was designed to create thought provoking commentary between myself and the participants, and let’s say thy created dialogue that was so impactful that I had to cut my presentation short. If you consider that a problem to have as a facilitator, thats a great one to have!

“Express yourself”

Conversations allowed participants to share their coming out stories and how they preferred to be identified. To my surprised I was exposed to a harsh reality about my lifestyle that I never thought about. The lifestyle I love is more acceptable to society because it looks like what heterosexuals would consider a social norm. By saying that I mean this, due to the fact that I’m a masculine of center female and I date feminine woman it looks like a replica of a heterosexual relationship. I’ve engaged in conversations where people would make the statement, “You’re the guy in the relationship”. I’d normally respond no

and explain the concept of a lesbian relationship and I just considered it an ignorant comment. In reality that’s their “Perception” based on what’s considered heterosexual norms. Interesting, right! Blew my mind! I gained a whole new perspective on my own lifestyle. The Masculine of Center Conference exceeded my expectations and hopefully I’d see you there next year!

“Labels only mold you to conform to society, not allowing you to be your True Self ” — Ciara J. Henry

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